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Goodbye Valentine

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  • Goodbye Valentine

    I am perhaps
    the worst lover you've
    ever known.

    I'm arrogant
    and much prefer
    my days alone.

    I can be reckless.

    I don't
    pick up the
    phone if
    the number's
    unknown to me.

    Stay up 'til
    three AM because
    I can't spend my

    whole life sleeping.

    I open old wounds just to prove they're worth the wisdom. There are the good qualities but you wouldn't miss them because they contradict the narrative, pale in comparison to my apparent strengths. I am blunt and bored and bleak, breadwinner of defeat, practiced like a cat, always landing on my feet.

    I'm materialistic,
    complicated in all
    the ways you could
    ever want.

    I'm the
    Comic Sans
    of Valentines,

    a font you cannot
    take seriously,
    yet I'm
    undaunted by
    your darkness and
    love you dearly.

    Above all, I'm yours
    and yours to keep.

    Takes more
    than flowers and
    chocolate to keep
    you positive some
    fifty weeks
    a year.

    I let
    your voice waver,
    laughter be

    It's my job to still be standing here
    after everything's fallen to pieces,
    and Jesus,

    will they ever.

    Thank you for
    being my heart's
    something I will
    never limit

    to a single day.

    Ottawa, ON

    *I chose this poem because love and relationships require a great deal of not only understanding to begin with, but an ability to develop that understanding and empathy beyond its initial stages. Thank you RZ for hosting this great competition and best of luck to all involved.*
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    By the way, sorry for making more work for the judges, sharing this contest probably upped the number of entries a few. Liking what I'm seeing out there :P