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Almost Bedtime

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  • Aenigma
    You've described my every-night. And then a few hours later: morning zombies!

    So I've read all of your poetry submission in this forum and I love them all. They all feel light -- and I do so enjoy the whimsy of pieces like "Back At The Start" and "An Unfortunate Gaffe" -- but it is belied, in some of them, but a certain depth: a poignancy or profundity.

    I hope the judges find one of these to their liking and award you a prize, though it's clear that's not why you write. More importantly, I hope you are saving these somewhere for your girls! They will treasure these some day, if they don't already.

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  • Uncle Womas
    started a topic Almost Bedtime

    Almost Bedtime

    It’s just about nine
    I’ve got plenty of time
    Though tomorrow I need to get going at dawn

    Surf a couple sites more
    Cause it’s hardly a chore
    Now the clock’s striking ten and where has the time gone?

    Just one thing to do
    Send an email or two
    Is it really eleven? It can’t be that late!

    I’ll do one final scrawl
    Of a post on my wall
    But why would it post with tomorrow’s new date?

    Oh wait! I forgot
    All the dishes I’ve got
    Thank goodness I finished, it’s now nearly one

    Just a quick snack then bed
    Fill my gut and my head
    Grab a book and Doritos - an hour more done

    Then I turn off the light
    Brush my teeth for the night
    Take a seat on the pot, play sudoku till three

    Now I finally lie down
    But my thoughts swirl around
    At least in the morning there’s coffee or tea

    As I drift off, I find
    One last thought fills my mind
    Tomorrow I’ve got to be getting more sleep

    But I won’t, that’s my plight
    I wake up with the night
    It’s the curse of the night owl - it just makes me weep!