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  • Allure

    by Michael L. Smith, JR
    Las Vegas, NV

    I do not understand these feelings
    Growing, bubbling inside of me
    Raging to the surface as you brush past me
    This charm, this electric charge that pervades my senses
    An allure, calling to me from within you
    Some kind of power that enthralls the mind
    Captures the conscious and raptures it away
    Until I am nothing but a husk, staring
    Eternally, as you walk on by
    Never turning, ever distant
    Unaware of these emotions
    Tumultuous within me, yearning to burst free
    Such a power over me and me alone
    Or is everyone else hiding their feelings
    Just like me, afraid to even approach
    Afraid to share in these confusing thoughts
    This blistering heat which is stirred to the surface
    By a single look, a single wave, a single smile
    Lost at sea, grasping to nothing but your image
    As you grow ever further from my waiting arms
    Longing to hold you, longing to show you
    Just how I feel while under your allure