I watched him walk in mismatched socks, carrying his shoes,
Unsure of whether on or off would be the choice to choose.
He’d worked real hard to disregard his parent’s clothing style.
Then standing tall against the wall he flashed his prideful smile.
That child so bold, he soon felt cold, and soon that smile was gone.
He changed his mind and sat and whined-- he’d rather have shoes on.
I zipped in quick, that did the trick, I velcroed up the straps,
But to my dismay, he toddled away and his memory had a lapse,
Before my mind could yet unwind from dealing with the trauma,
I made him skip, shoes in grip, away to find his mamma.

I rolled my eyes but realized that I was much the same,
A new mistake, repeat, retake, leading me to shame.
Though tears and years have lost my hair they’ve brought me wisdom too
And gratitude, that once again, you’d put back on my shoe.