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  • jagan7463
    I didn't had no love for any motherfucking ho's
    all i cared only bout me and my bro's,
    then u came from nowhere and took me like ufo

    when everyone said cut the shit
    and told me to move,
    but i never listed to them all i want is you
    in my dreams u just kept on rewind
    dont play with my mind
    ma heart is twind to you

    i did things to you, made things for you,
    r u checking my sincerity, u r like a gravity
    stop checkin me like mobile camera clarity

    u said u love me to the rest
    of the life
    but u just left me behind
    understanding u is the biggest quest to me

    i came looking to you from place to place
    but u just kept on flew
    but i never gave upon you
    if i made a mistake
    i know i cant undo
    but you can see through my heart evrything i said was true
    you are like treasure n more to me
    i found you like a pirate without a crew
    when i came looking at you
    faced so many demon and crossed 7 seas for you

    i told everything i felt for you
    u can stab my heart leave me dead n u can move
    but still my soul keepin following you....

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  • SetoSenpai
    -Empathetic Vindication-

    Hate, dwells in those condemned
    When one cannot apprehend
    The ire of those who see no end
    Suffering from needs unmet
    Their kin in trial beget
    In hope one must forget
    A society birthed from ignorance
    Where love is scarce, a hindrance
    When the poor lack significance
    In the eyes of many indifferent
    Swept away as “insolent”
    Yet in truth wholly innocent
    I stand looking into the space
    Callous indeed the human race
    To those with uncertain fate
    Can’t we perceive nor understand
    When one needs an outreached hand
    Not just view from a witness stand

    Strive we must to recognize woe
    Of those around us who’s nights grow cold
    Need more they, than simple gold
    Our world a land of strife and fear
    Poverty, crime, odium and tear
    I take his hand, his face a ’smear
    With dust of sorrows and grief
    His eyes betray his disbelief
    And embrace as brothers on the street
    Understand for we are all
    Together in love not appalled
    Different yet same in the squall
    In life, empathy, must we lend
    All endeavour, our best to mend
    A broken world,
    To comprehend

    Justin Seto
    Toronto, Ontario Canada

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  • Asialove36
    Butterflies in the Winter
    Sin seeps through solid minds like the sun slips through my tented blinds
    Love leaves liquor leaking in your heart like locked lips being torn apart
    Dreams drive devils dry like the heat dripping into the desert sky
    Hate harms a healing soul too young to destroy to old to hold on

    And just like that we all beat our feet to the same old drum
    We'll cry for the same guy with no reason why he cheated
    "I couldn't help myself" he'll cry
    "I couldn't help myself" he'll sigh
    "Goodbye," I'll tell him
    Two halves torn apart
    But yet he'll walk right back into my life, my home, into my bed, and into my crooked heart

    Pain came thick
    Driving me insane
    The game was played to quick
    Drugs drew my attention when suicide knocked on my door
    Nothing left fighting for
    Whatever made me numb to the decision
    Hope hid in the hillside of my mind dangling by a cliff
    Left decaying overtime

    And just like that we all beat our feet to the same old drum
    Wondering who we've become
    When we're left in a room with 10 pills and a gun
    And all we need is to see the sun
    But it never comes
    And you're left to drown in your tears
    Lost in your fears
    And the devil creeps into your ears with no words to remark
    But better yet tarnish your smile, your spirit, and your crooked heart

    But then came butterflies in the wintertime and they rose me up
    Rubbed my back when I was crying, said I was worth it no matter what
    They sang me lullabies and made me feel enough

    So to hell with the oppression of a man lost in depression
    I no longer wait for his impression
    To fulfill me
    Time brings change that no one can rearrange
    It's the breaking of incoherent lessons
    Like birds being set free

    And just like that we all beat our feet to the same old drum
    Hoping someday butterflies will come
    And we'll no longer have to run from the start
    Of our hopes, our dreams, and our indecent crooked hearts
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  • iamatxgirl
    commented on 's reply
    enjoyable, relative and inventive

  • iamatxgirl
    commented on 's reply
    Very nice. I truly enjoyed this. My minds eye watching from afar.

  • iamatxgirl
    Monkey on my back

    Couch potato, crushed tomato
    All the while sitting in your very own auto
    Backseat drivers, curly headed riders
    All they do is chat and hash with people drinking your cider

    Are these people that know you
    Or are they just monkeys on your back like gliders
    No understanding to what really is best for you
    For all that, do they understand
    Or is it just a light not even turned on with them

    Breaking down what you know
    Do they even show
    No empathy, no resignation,
    Complete with no rays of sunshine or the warmth on your face
    They are the ones that may as well spray you with mace

    Drop the monkey let it go
    It is your choice.yours alone.

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  • foralackofwords
    Temperature of the Heart

    Witnessing history begin to repeat,
    Expecting what foolish pain I’ve learned to fear.
    Familiar as novels counting dust by the sheet,
    Carving me into one skittish as deer.

    Justifiable under naivety or youth;
    Comfort discovered against the grain…
    There lies a known yet unspoken truth,
    And unsaid it shall remain.

    Some will say I never learn
    Some will think I’m mad
    Though ashes first must always burn
    Crow-shades will speak of a fire once had.

    Nikki Haase
    Gunnison, CO

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  • ChristianTanner

    A poem written by Christian Tanner

    For those who feel like they lost their childhood, or it was lost in the mix of being abused. We were so young when we lost the best part of ourselves to the worst things in life. We sat on the curb sometimes and simply wondered why.
    Why me?
    I saw them there, all the warning signs, stopping me and telling me to turn and run and hide. I tried to listen and, and do the right thing, but my self-fulfilling prophecy tore into me and fought with me and made me always wonder why. I always wondered, am I living my own story that I wrote when I was a kid? Have the stepping stones led me into a pit of lessons learned? Or am I free to fly wherever I may turn?
    God, I ask you, please send someone here, here, right in front of me, to stand by side and help me fight off the demons who are grabbing me by my wings so I can't take off for my flight, to live my life the way I, the way I always wanted to. Regret and shame tore into my soul, unpacked its bags and laid a bed before it, so it could quietly lay and sleep, waiting to wake and tear into me with a blade into my heart, haunting me until the day I die, fighting me until I give up and can't move on. Regret is the pain that rumbles me before I fall asleep. That pain that keeps me awake in bed while I stare at the ceiling, waiting to fade away, or quietly slip away, and do it all over again tomorrow.
    Still, I can feel the wondering why, the unanswered questions are repeated in my mind, "What else could I have done?" Or "Was I really just too young?" Still, I feel the regret, it's slipping off my tongue while I reach across to pull you even closer to me and whisper that I love you, that you're perfect and I will always comfort you. I am the man I am created from what was never meant to meet you. The one I fought and defeated so I could be with you. I almost slipped away, but my inner circle couldn't watch me live another day with distress suppressed by another drink, watching things go down when the bottle went up.
    I don't need it. I'll always tell myself, I don't need it anymore.

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  • ChristianTanner
    Realizing - A Poem

    Written by Christian Tanner
    There's a door to be unlocked,
    and sobriety is the key for me.
    Consequence would break me,
    But I'm stronger than that.
    Anxiety might break me,
    But I'm coping with that.
    What breaks me is my everlasting memory of the men who got a piece of me and made me so hateful.
    I've been unbearably dreadful,
    leaving me unable and disgraceful.
    Taking anything that was once peaceful,
    And turning it into everything that is painful.
    The best part about writing this is knowing that I'm still alive,
    and this is right now.
    Time remains for me to re-frame this situation.
    This situation,
    I'm fighting the problem of regression and turning it into a personal equation.
    No more complication forsaken,
    I've left an impression to be inpatient without a replacement for my mind's invasion.
    My mind's invasion - Evil.
    At least,
    Cast the evil demon in my mind out of my head,
    This hate feast,
    The Devil's eating like the beast believed.
    This heart-ache conceived by secondary evil,
    achieved by man,
    and yet to be relieved by me.
    Write away my hate.
    Draw away my fear.
    Pencil in my fate,
    And forgive my past years.
    Think about what you have to live up to.
    Imagine the relaxing blue,
    and know that the most important voice to listen to,
    is you.
    Tell me what to do.

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  • ChristianTanner
    Stop Crying, Stop Crying

    Written by Christian Tanner
    I don’t like how my mind keeps me awake at night.
    To this poisonous feeling I feel, I wish I knew what you are telling me, or I just want you to pack your bags and go away.
    I don’t like how you keep me awake at night.
    The bottomless pit I feel in my stomach sinks too low.
    If there’s a place lower than hell, I’m there.
    I’m more afraid of emotional harm than I am physical pain.
    But the people I love, the poetry i write,
    They help sooth my pain away.
    My nerves around my stomach shock my appetite away.
    Just at certain uncontrollable thoughts about my past.
    Stop crying,
    I tell myself,
    Stop crying.
    My feelings are behind it.
    How is it that i know my past, but it feels so uncertain, while my future is uncertain but I feel like I know what’s going to happen?
    It’s time to change.
    What’s the quickest way into the unknown?
    It’s through the door you’ve never walked through because you’re too afraid to go alone.
    I keep telling myself,
    Stop crying,
    Stop crying,
    This hurt,
    it has to go away before I do.
    Put on your shoes, tie your laces, and go for a walk.
    You have to shake the shock.
    Put in your headphones, stare at the sky and know there is a God.
    He’s watching over you and he’s going to take away your pain.
    Keep crying, keep crying, and let it all out,
    It’s just not your pain anymore.

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  • мιѕѕ♥αηgιє
    Ode To Understanding's Liberty

    Oh ! How the spirit and mind drives to understand.
    Humanity works with demonstration and experience,
    The desire to know and feel, perhaps it's not planned.
    Yet there always will remain with great adherence
    The will to find a purpose and explore.
    For comprehension itself is a dear liberty,
    The open mind in oneself to speak for.
    This tends to be an unspoken victory,
    Though understanding always opens gates
    Viciously breaking down barriers.
    There are relations of idea and matters of fact
    Which could be, in all possibility, abstract.
    Still if the mind operates this way, it lessens failures
    The acts of imagination and reason establish fates.
    For to know what something is for sure,
    Establishes confidence more.
    There is joy when making links
    As if a bridge was built and so you willed,
    To free yourself in knowing beyond before one thinks.
    Once making the connection is fulfilled,
    There is provided comfort and sweet stability,
    And can assuredly enhance one’s ability.
    Oh Understanding!

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  • loisvain
    Mirror, Mirror
    Mirror, mirror what do I see?
    Who is this person staring back at me?
    She looks very familar like someone I know.
    Same girl, but now with baggage to tow.

    Mirror, mirror who's that staring back?
    Are her priorities out of whack?
    It's time to rage against this aging game.
    By becoming different while staying the same.

    Mirror, mirror what do I know?
    Is it more than years before?
    Always love fiercely from the heart.
    Remember your feelings from the start.

    Mirror, mirror what should happen now?
    What secrets do you think time will allow?
    Time is your favorite of all the cancers.
    Why ask when you have all the answers?

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  • loisvain
    "The Womb"
    "Balls to bones....
    And, right as rain."
    The oracle speaks
    Of future things.

    Neo is one
    And, the one is he,
    What about the Trinity?
    Will they be born into Eternity?

    In the Matrix you can find
    The birth of your natural mind.
    Now think about this everytime,
    You jump into the, "Everybody," line.

    Be yourself and find the truth
    That's the way the mind is soothed.
    Remember now when your choose,
    Red you live and blue you lose.

    How were they born again?
    Did they ascend or descend?
    All the others will stay asleep.
    As they lay, they admit defeat.

    Being born again is a theme,
    Holding with Chiristianity.
    But, don't we have to evole,
    If this puzzle we are to solve?

    Inside the cave most do dwell
    Where they create their private hell.
    It's only few that choose to rise
    With opened eyes and head for the bright skies.

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  • loisvain
    My Life Simply Put
    In my life, I've worn lots of hats
    And, been a whole lot of people.
    Imagine that!
    Some renegade; others peaceful.

    In my life, I've held many jobs
    And, dealt with all kinds.
    Imagine the odds!
    Some liberated; Some confined.

    In my life, I've looked many ways
    And, had a lot of faces.
    Imagine the phases!
    Some racy; others graceful.

    In my life, I've lived lots of places
    And, enjoyed their flavors.
    Imagine the bases!
    Some sweetened; Some savored.

    In my 40 years, I've lived a long life.
    More than a mother and a wife.
    I do imagine that my favorite times
    Would never fit in this simple rhyme.

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  • marcysantos

    Some are

    Watching from the shore
    Far from tidal turbulence
    Refuge from the rage and roar
    Treasure the tranquil trance

    Some are

    Standing in the shallow waters
    That do not rise or fall
    None are deep blue plotters
    In the shelter of the wary wall

    Some are

    Wading around the ripples
    Slight surprises of the surges
    No fear that truly cripples
    Pleasure of the splashing splurges

    Some are

    Whipping through wicked waves
    Action packed and stacked
    No calm for adrenalin slaves
    Flipping for full impact

    Marcy Santos
    Covina, California

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