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  • Jiynx Diablo
    commented on 's reply
    Ha. Looks like NONE of you read what the admin said. -.- Good poem though.

  • jsab0
    I've posted 4 poems but they are no longer visible because this forum only goes back 20 pages, which is only a few days. Are all poems past 20 pages lost or are the moderators able to see past those 20 pages?

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  • Osirus
    Originally posted by otaku.poet View Post
    Are we allowed more than one poem?
    I am presuming yes, since I've seen numerous poets (some praised by an admin in comments) submit multiple poems. EDIT: YES, you are. See official rules:
    • An applicant may submit multiple entries throughout the contest period, as long as (1) each entry is an original work that meets all of the submission guidelines, (2) the applicant uses the same email address for each entry. Judges reserve the right to limit prizes to at most one prize per individual applicant.
    Last edited by Osirus; 01-21-2015, 09:11 PM. Reason: found answer in rules

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  • Christopher C.D.
    commented on 's reply
    One man's dream is another man's nightmare. This would have been kind of good if you knew how to spell but I guess you explained why you couldn't.

  • otaku.poet
    Are we allowed more than one poem?

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  • SkylitTyler
    commented on 's reply
    seems ur heart was there but lacking a real direction or a message, confused the bejeepers outta me but a few lines caught my eye.

  • SkylitTyler
    commented on 's reply
    love this piece, it's witty and humerous as well as being full of cleverly disquised insight. Though doesnt this sticky state that entries have to be new topics? or is this justa though you dotted down? shame if its not an entry, its well crafted as all get out...

  • luna5000
    OK, I see now that the answer is YES. Thank you! (I guess I will leave this message up in case anyone else is wondering?)

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  • luna5000
    Can we delete our own posts after the contest is over? I am going to post this as a test to see if I can delete it.

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  • shereen

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  • Friar
    commented on 's reply
    very provoking indded

  • Electron.John
    People please do not post your poems as replies to this rules topic.
    Back out to the "
    RhymeZone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize entries" forum and click on the blue box that says "+New Topic" and create a new topic with the topic title being your poem title. Thanks.

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  • Rynketsra
    Growing up was a dream, that I wanted to see
    happen because I needed to be free
    from the growing anticipation inside me.

    Yet facing the crowd as the lights shut down
    placed a special crown
    onto the one outfit completion; a frown.

    what they told me was extremely true,
    and I realize now,
    I should’ve listened to you.
    Because I’m about dead too.

    but what i say,
    if i may,
    is the day,
    my life decayed.

    switching between,
    my momma and dad,
    is the only thing
    i didn’t want.

    but when that stopped
    the one reason
    i got sad
    was me.

    keeping all your emotions
    in a small pill bottle
    of a brain
    makes you insane

    the feeling of hatred
    as you glance in the mirror
    is the pill bottles
    one label

    take 16 times a day
    the doctor prescribed
    but those pills dont help
    when the person who raised you calls you fat

    as i raised grades
    my weight raised too
    but my confidence decreased
    as i put a foot on that scale.

    walking through school
    as the girl
    who never wore skirts
    was my title

    grade 4
    starting a new school
    all those kids
    laughing at me

    you have yellow teeth
    you have ratty hair
    you are the epitome
    of disgusting

    all of this
    through 4 grades
    forced me to
    do something i didnt want

    and it ends up that i’m here now
    i’m alive
    i’m breathing

    im fragile
    but you didn't

    and i’m a size 15
    i have ratty hair
    but i am what i decide
    and this is who i am

    Growing by: rynk

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  • Tricia

    Memories like insurmountable mountains
    Lie frozen and bare
    Punishment for past sins
    And nothing can save me - not even a whispered prayer
    Hard to breathe buried in ice and snow
    With a wind blowing so hard it won't let me go
    Wrapping its deadly fingers around my throat
    Raging an assault with eyes that gloat
    While God delivers me unto my cell
    A set of stairs that descend into hell
    ​To forever repeat what should never be spoken
    I am, I am, I am irrevocably broken

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  • TJShaw
    I’ve tried and tried
    To be so understanding
    I’ve stood upstanding
    Been so appreciative
    Sympathetic, empathetic
    When others have not been so supportive
    I’ve tried and tried
    But it makes me tired
    The wrangling, wrangling
    Of the tolerant tolerating the intolerant
    They just don’t seem to understand
    They’d rather do it underhand
    Even backhand
    Their indulgent
    Not giving anyone a chance
    A voice, a choice
    Their voices drowning
    Faces frowning
    Self-indulgent just clowning
    Why must we be understanding?
    Or are we just being mis-understanding?
    To the misunderstood
    Who won’t let us be understanding!
    Their misunderstood
    Our easy-going nature
    Our easy-going stature
    We totally understand
    There is no underhandedness
    We just need the understanding
    We’re totally upstanding
    We have great sympathy!
    We show our empathy
    So why can we not be so understanding?
    Understanding we are different
    Yet some show indifferent
    It is not always the case to be totally
    © Teresa Joseph Franklin
    6th January 2015

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