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  • Poetry Prize Rules!

    Announcing the 2014-2015 RhymeZone Poetry Prize

    This year's theme: "Understanding"

    RhymeZone will make unconditional grants totalling $5,000 to 10 authors of thought-provoking poetry in the United States or Canada.
    The submission deadline is Sunday, February 1, 2015 and winners will be announced on Sunday, March 1, 2015.

    To enter, compose an original poem related to theme of "Understanding" and share it with the RhymeZone community by posting a new topic to this forum.

    Poems will be judged on the basis of how thought-provoking, well-crafted, and original they are. All entries must be original poems that have not won any award previously. Ten winners will be selected from the bunch by the beginning of March 2015, with each winner awarded $500 USD.

    Why a poetry prize? It's our way of saying thank you to the poetry community which has been so supportive of RhymeZone over the years — and also a way to encourage the writing of more great verse. And we also just think it will be fun.

    For detailed rules and guidelines, please see

    People please do not post your poems as replies to this rules topic.
    Back out to the "
    RhymeZone 2014-2015 Poetry Prize entries" forum and click on the blue box that says "+New Topic" and create a new topic with the topic title being your poem title. Thanks.

  • #2

    Withered, wearied
    Ripped and torn
    My mother’s feet
    Were rough and worn.

    For they had carried
    Future’s weight
    Engraved by God
    Her pregnant plate.

    No money for
    The perfect fit –
    So when in pain
    She’d pray and sit

    Until her purpled
    Blood would race
    Body, soul
    Varicosed in grace

    And though so wearied
    Withered, torn
    Emeralds fade…
    ‘Fore feet so worn

    St. Louis, MO


    • iamatxgirl
      iamatxgirl commented
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      Very nice. I truly enjoyed this. My minds eye watching from afar.

    • Jiynx Diablo
      Jiynx Diablo commented
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      Ha. Looks like NONE of you read what the admin said. -.- Good poem though.

  • #3
    Understandings just perception
    funneled through a vase
    Put the cornfields of the south
    Within "Brick-city's" gaze

    Each environment boasts strings
    Which captures the mind
    The ego of man
    Keeps subcultures blind

    For those who break free
    A smile awaits
    But it is short lived
    As fish hoard the bate

    To walk without thought
    Is the peace of a child
    But believe you are "sure"
    And you lose a mile

    In the end its your footprints
    Which transfer the ink
    As the pages keep turning
    Before you can blink

    Raise your hand to the teacher
    And scream, "I don't know"!
    He'll laugh at those words
    But let you pass go!

    Last edited by Jayden Gino Price; 12-04-2014, 03:57 PM.


    • SkylitTyler
      SkylitTyler commented
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      love this piece, it's witty and humerous as well as being full of cleverly disquised insight. Though doesnt this sticky state that entries have to be new topics? or is this justa though you dotted down? shame if its not an entry, its well crafted as all get out...

  • #4
    The American Dream

    The American Dream
    This Dessert storm is one I refuse to conform
    I’ll be patient but I refuse to be a patient
    When you become injured just be aware that
    Obama-care was created without a care
    Did you know that history repeats itself?
    You must step out of the fog of illusion
    That has no conclusion
    Because this illusion is a confusion
    Don’t worry don’t worry I’m not in a hurry
    Sit down and smile for this may take a while. Please let me explain what is causing me pain.
    America has stolen my Dreams. This started when they sold me my Dreams. I wonder if this began
    When speaking of religion in public was a sin.
    No Justice no peace screams the protester
    Put your hands up or I will still shoot screams the protector.
    I don’t understand the paradigm of the 21st Century.
    Placing innocent black men in the penitentiary. This will explain why they have been extinct for a century.
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    • SkylitTyler
      SkylitTyler commented
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      seems ur heart was there but lacking a real direction or a message, confused the bejeepers outta me but a few lines caught my eye.

  • #5
    7 pm and You

    My mom dropped me off at the fair
    I bought some sweet tea for 75 cents and walked around alone
    Then we ran into each other
    You were with your friends

    Some highschool band was playing
    So we all danced in the back of the expo hall
    You danced with Jonas date while he stepped outside
    Your twin brother asked me to be his partner
    Placing a hand on my hip to get you to pay attention to me
    I could of kissed him right there but they asked us to leave

    You and I stood side by side in the rain near some funnel cake vendors
    Your brother shivered and I gave him my coat
    Then you asked me for my sweater
    Cause you knew I only had a tanktop on underneath
    You just wanted to see me naked again

    Half a mile a way, the gangs were fighting
    Two blocks away, a new boys hands were up my sisters shirt
    Four days away he broke her heart
    Three days away you ignored me
    A week away we kissed
    A year away you forgot my face


    • #6
      I had a dream

      I had a dream
      Of grown white men and women
      Are working in the fields
      Begging for a meal
      I had a dream
      I had a dream that
      Night colored folks are the ones to run the coast
      I had a dream
      I had a dream that
      Little white boys and girls, are the ones who can't read
      They are the ones to fantasize about being free
      I had a dream
      I had a dream that night was superior
      And light was below under
      I had a dream
      I had a dream that the white man
      Gets the lashes
      He's the one
      That screams for pain to past him.

      Naketa Williams
      Hamilton, Newjersey


      • Christopher C.D.
        Christopher C.D. commented
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        One man's dream is another man's nightmare. This would have been kind of good if you knew how to spell but I guess you explained why you couldn't.

      • BlackButterfly2015
        BlackButterfly2015 commented
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        ummmmmmmm. NO

    • #7

      All hail Comrade Stalin
      For he is the man that Russia adores
      Our problems have been long forgotten
      Never again to see a corpse

      I am but a child
      But I have been taught well
      If I keep my thoughts mild
      I am sure to excel

      Comrade Stalin is all I see
      This is no complaint
      In every paper -- on ever screen
      He puts a smile on my face

      There is no God that I believe
      No miracle that I feverishly await
      Russia provides everything for me
      And none to those who choose a holy faith

      Those richer then I
      Why they do not exist
      Taken away in a blink of an eye
      Just like any that seem to resist

      All hail Comrade Stalin
      To him I am forever in debt
      And with this debt, I see a problem
      For I and not he, may soon be dead

      Soraya Zrikem
      Ann Arbor, Michigan


      • Friar
        Friar commented
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        very provoking indded

    • #8
      If I Lose its Understandable

      I understand that this challenge is a test... Lol look at the smarty pants on rhyme zone segregating the Diamonds from the Rine stones
      Well I understand your purpose
      And I know you need the best poet in the universe to write an ultra extraordinary poem for the ultimate test of understanding I get it i understand and I except you challenge
      True imma under dog under a bridge with over whelming people with petty problems that don't understand the true art of the perfect poet performing outstanding poetic expressions elevating the crowd with elegent excellency and probably still won't and that understandable
      But you need the unique piece of poetry that gives undefined beauty in a sexy camal type of way...
      And I get it I understand well I'm a smart guy 2+2 is 8 and 10-10 is 8 I know I understand a lot...
      But unfortunately I fail to understand how to write about understanding
      And I hope its understood that I am a great poet but this prompt is really grinding my gears
      Because I can't seem to understand how to write a deep piece about understanding the understood but whats understood ain't gotta be explained
      And if I don't exceed in creating great creativity and I lose I won't you to understand that I understand and I will not take it personal SHIT HAPPENDS
      And you need the best and I understand that so if I lose it understandable

      Edward Wingard
      Milwaukee Wisconsin


      • #9
        I Can't Fit IN:

        Talk to me about a time you were unbearably miserable
        Then talk to me about it again
        Talk to me about it until it consumes you
        The way this blackness inside has consumed me
        Because I don't know how to communicate this anguish I’m going through
        This brain pain is real
        It’s the most real thing I have ever faced
        When most of my days are spent in the clouds in an effort to keep it at bay
        To keep it far, far, away
        You think I'm lazy
        A sad piece of scum
        I've committed too many sins and I can't fit IN
        To your perfect world anymore
        I'm the whore they told Jesus not to talk to
        The sad charity case you need to fix because you want to be like Him
        But you can't fool us;
        He and I know your heart isn't in it
        You can’t care for me at your core

        And tell me if I were dying of cancer would you hold me instead of shout at me?
        Would you treat me like an angel instead of like someone demon possessed?
        “Get it out of her because we can’t love her this way, she’s a monster don’t you see!”
        But I didn't ask to become this devil
        And I didn't ask to walk with the dead
        I've lost myself on this road to insanity
        Whispers keep…
        Calling out my name…
        But no, no, no
        I won't follow them there
        Please, be proud of me for it

        And please, let me know
        If my cries of agony were caused by raw, full body, burns
        Bleeding, bruising, blistering
        Would you stand there and say, “Get up, help yourself. We can't do everything for you.”
        If I nodded and pulled myself up, gasping, groaning, reeling, steeling myself for the worst, saying…
        “Yes, but look! Don't you see! Understand! I'm wounded. I'm battle scarred. I can't do it all alone.”
        Would you still give up on me three days later?
        Take me back like a gift that just wasn't what you asked for?
        Your daughter, your friend, your sister, your lover

        Don't forget me here
        I’m begging my God to turn my heart to stone
        Can't anyone see?
        I'm fighting to save my own life here!
        I can feel it
        This isn't a joke
        This isn’t temporary
        It’s all that I’ve ever known
        I’ve forgotten who I used to be
        And these diseases have the power to kill me
        To put me in the ground
        But I promised, I wouldn’t fall down

        So here I stand
        Guilty and faded
        Hollow inside
        With a spinning mind
        With empty promises in my thoughts
        Of all the people who said they’d stick around to see me through it
        Yet here I am shaking cold and alone in my bed
        Throat raw and sore from my screams, and lungs tired from heaving heavy breaths
        Begging Superheroes, Buffy, and Constantine to comfort me, rescue me, because no one actual will,
        I let their darkness resonate with mine
        But they can’t save me, they aren’t real
        I’m still walking through a reverse nightmare
        Where getting up in the morning is something I dread
        And going through the day puts me deeper and deeper in this state despair

        All my friends are asking me
        "Are you having fun?
        "Are you feeling better?"
        "Do you enjoy being home here?"
        "Have a wonderful day."
        "Have a wonderful trip."
        "Have wonderful, wonderful, wonderful life."
        When I told them just a few days ago
        That I can barely move my body
        Because my soul is so thick and so weighty
        Painted black and rotting from the inside out

        And I’m calling out to Jesus, to God, to the Holy Spirit
        The deities of my youth
        Asking what do I have to do to make people understand
        I’m not okay
        Not even a little bit
        And what I need is love and compassion
        I need help and understanding
        I need calmness
        I need peace

        Not your curses and looks of disgust
        Not you sternness or your nagging
        Not your hard brutal strength that tears me apart inside
        Because I can’t match it

        I don’t need another bad memory to cry over
        I don’t need another invalidation of what I'm feeling
        If that’s how you take care of me…then please just get off this ride
        Because I can do this with or without you
        But don’t you ever forget
        I know what it feels like
        Intimately, truly, and absolutely
        I know what if feels like to be dead inside

        By: Abygail Merlino
        Albuquerque, New Mexico


        • #10
          SEE VIEW

          Some are

          Watching from the shore
          Far from tidal turbulence
          Refuge from the rage and roar
          Treasure the tranquil trance

          Some are

          Standing in the shallow waters
          That do not rise or fall
          None are deep blue plotters
          In the shelter of the wary wall

          Some are

          Wading around the ripples
          Slight surprises of the surges
          No fear that truly cripples
          Pleasure of the splashing splurges

          Some are

          Whipping through wicked waves
          Action packed and stacked
          No calm for adrenalin slaves
          Flipping for full impact

          Marcy Santos
          Covina, California


          • #11
            My Life Simply Put
            In my life, I've worn lots of hats
            And, been a whole lot of people.
            Imagine that!
            Some renegade; others peaceful.

            In my life, I've held many jobs
            And, dealt with all kinds.
            Imagine the odds!
            Some liberated; Some confined.

            In my life, I've looked many ways
            And, had a lot of faces.
            Imagine the phases!
            Some racy; others graceful.

            In my life, I've lived lots of places
            And, enjoyed their flavors.
            Imagine the bases!
            Some sweetened; Some savored.

            In my 40 years, I've lived a long life.
            More than a mother and a wife.
            I do imagine that my favorite times
            Would never fit in this simple rhyme.


            • #12
              "The Womb"
              "Balls to bones....
              And, right as rain."
              The oracle speaks
              Of future things.

              Neo is one
              And, the one is he,
              What about the Trinity?
              Will they be born into Eternity?

              In the Matrix you can find
              The birth of your natural mind.
              Now think about this everytime,
              You jump into the, "Everybody," line.

              Be yourself and find the truth
              That's the way the mind is soothed.
              Remember now when your choose,
              Red you live and blue you lose.

              How were they born again?
              Did they ascend or descend?
              All the others will stay asleep.
              As they lay, they admit defeat.

              Being born again is a theme,
              Holding with Chiristianity.
              But, don't we have to evole,
              If this puzzle we are to solve?

              Inside the cave most do dwell
              Where they create their private hell.
              It's only few that choose to rise
              With opened eyes and head for the bright skies.


              • #13
                Mirror, Mirror
                Mirror, mirror what do I see?
                Who is this person staring back at me?
                She looks very familar like someone I know.
                Same girl, but now with baggage to tow.

                Mirror, mirror who's that staring back?
                Are her priorities out of whack?
                It's time to rage against this aging game.
                By becoming different while staying the same.

                Mirror, mirror what do I know?
                Is it more than years before?
                Always love fiercely from the heart.
                Remember your feelings from the start.

                Mirror, mirror what should happen now?
                What secrets do you think time will allow?
                Time is your favorite of all the cancers.
                Why ask when you have all the answers?


                • iamatxgirl
                  iamatxgirl commented
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                  enjoyable, relative and inventive

              • #14
                Ode To Understanding's Liberty

                Oh ! How the spirit and mind drives to understand.
                Humanity works with demonstration and experience,
                The desire to know and feel, perhaps it's not planned.
                Yet there always will remain with great adherence
                The will to find a purpose and explore.
                For comprehension itself is a dear liberty,
                The open mind in oneself to speak for.
                This tends to be an unspoken victory,
                Though understanding always opens gates
                Viciously breaking down barriers.
                There are relations of idea and matters of fact
                Which could be, in all possibility, abstract.
                Still if the mind operates this way, it lessens failures
                The acts of imagination and reason establish fates.
                For to know what something is for sure,
                Establishes confidence more.
                There is joy when making links
                As if a bridge was built and so you willed,
                To free yourself in knowing beyond before one thinks.
                Once making the connection is fulfilled,
                There is provided comfort and sweet stability,
                And can assuredly enhance one’s ability.
                Oh Understanding!


                • #15
                  Stop Crying, Stop Crying

                  Written by Christian Tanner

                  I don’t like how my mind keeps me awake at night.
                  To this poisonous feeling I feel, I wish I knew what you are telling me, or I just want you to pack your bags and go away.
                  I don’t like how you keep me awake at night.
                  The bottomless pit I feel in my stomach sinks too low.
                  If there’s a place lower than hell, I’m there.
                  I’m more afraid of emotional harm than I am physical pain.
                  But the people I love, the poetry i write,
                  They help sooth my pain away.
                  My nerves around my stomach shock my appetite away.
                  Just at certain uncontrollable thoughts about my past.
                  Stop crying,
                  I tell myself,
                  Stop crying.
                  My feelings are behind it.
                  How is it that i know my past, but it feels so uncertain, while my future is uncertain but I feel like I know what’s going to happen?
                  It’s time to change.
                  What’s the quickest way into the unknown?
                  It’s through the door you’ve never walked through because you’re too afraid to go alone.
                  I keep telling myself,
                  Stop crying,
                  Stop crying,
                  This hurt,
                  it has to go away before I do.
                  Put on your shoes, tie your laces, and go for a walk.
                  You have to shake the shock.
                  Put in your headphones, stare at the sky and know there is a God.
                  He’s watching over you and he’s going to take away your pain.
                  Keep crying, keep crying, and let it all out,
                  It’s just not your pain anymore.