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  • You'll Understand When You Grow Up

    The Hammock
    (I wrote this poem for my uncle, and read it to him a few days before he passed away)

    My first memory of you is
    When I was only four.
    With your easy-going spirit,
    I felt instant rapport.

    I loved your endless patience
    Your kind and gentle ways.
    Your belly shaking laughter
    When you watched our silly plays.

    You let us drive the golf cart
    Even though we were too young
    And when I made careless mistakes
    I know you held your tongue.

    The thing I can’t forget
    Is that day when I was nine
    Swinging in the hammock
    The moment was divine.

    I didn’t know it then
    But you saw that I was free
    From all the grown-up challenges
    And you said something to me.

    “I wish that I could rest like that
    And feel the summer breeze
    Relax under the pine trees
    Totally at ease.”

    “You can take a turn,” I said.
    Not knowing what you meant.
    I got up off the hammock
    And off to play I went.

    You didn’t get on after me
    And then I wondered, “Why?”
    “It just wouldn’t be the same,” you said.
    “I’m not even going to try.”

    “You’ll understand when you grow up
    Exactly what I mean,
    But thank you for the offer,
    I’ve got some fish to clean.

    I often think about that day
    And now I understand.
    The gift of carefree childhood
    Nothing forced and nothing planned.

    You taught me to appreciate
    And helped me realize
    There ARE men with true kindness
    And loving, caring eyes.

    I have children of my own now
    Who run along the beach
    Splashing in the water
    Their troubles out of reach.

    Life becomes a circle
    A constant chance to learn
    The peaceful hammock beckons
    You can finally take your turn.

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    I really love the way you ended this. (: Beautiful poem!


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      Thank you! When I started writing this poem, I had no idea how it would end; it came to me when I remembered that hammock incident. He's resting now
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        Yes! Great poem and it is amazing how all your beautiful thoughts and rhyme flowed out of that initial thought.


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          Very nice. I enjoyed reading this poem. It took me to a place that I've never experienced, although it felt as if it was a memory of my own.


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            Like Horton, I too felt as if the poem was stirring some memory within me. It was wonderful to read, and I shall not only read it once. I hope to gain something from this poem that I can apply to my own work. But I am mostly grateful that I had a chance to read this! Thank you for sharing!


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              This poem is so well conceived and written! I once recited a touching poem I wrote for my grandparents 50th anniversary party some years back, and that was a proud moment for me... I can only image how great it was to be able to share this with the person who inspired it before he passed!


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                Thank you all for reading my poem! I'm so happy that it conjured up emotions and memories. I get choked up whenever I read it, but it also lets my uncle live on and touch others. Plus, when I see a hammock now, I think he's still here, we just can't see him. Thanks again everybody!


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                  I feel like I know your uncle. I can even imagine what he looks like, beautiful poem!


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                    I love it and I understand!


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                      Thank you, MN & AT!


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                        Amybabs, great job, beautiful words fantastic memory,loved it! I wrote a poem of my Grand-parents called REFLECTIONS, THESE MEMORIES ARE WORTH GOLD! The kurlman


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                          EXCELLENT poem! It seems effortless in a such a thoughtful way.


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                            My mom told me to read this poem and I was like SERIOUSLY? Thanks to MOM #bestadviceever. I lost my father figure a few years ago and lost it, maybe that's why I'm The Rebel. I get it now, he's peaceful and out of his pain. I GET IT!!!!!!!


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                              It is a gift to be able to write something to which so many people can relate. Wonderful that you were able to share with your uncle before he passed.