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Addiction vs Morals & Will Power

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  • Addiction vs Morals & Will Power

    Addiction vs Morals & Will Power

    It has nothing to do with
    morals or will power.
    It lies dormant until
    it awakes to devour.

    One innocent act will
    bring it to life.
    Unbiased to victims
    it lurks with a knife.

    Concealing itself while
    beginning to tease.
    It slowly transforms
    to a deadly disease.

    Naivety, shame and
    a false sense of pride
    along with denial
    is where it will hide.

    It waits for it’s prey
    to lose all control.
    Then the stalker is able
    to start it’s patrol.

    It attacks mood, health and character
    energy’s drained.
    Common sense and relationships
    all become strained.

    Rationalization and blame
    will come out to defend.
    But, the lethal predator will
    always win in the end.

    It’s malignant and chronic,
    just one way to prevail.
    Understand and accept
    if you don’t you will fail.

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    Very tastefully expressed. A bit of imagery would really magnify this piece.


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      Yes! Great idea! Any suggestions?


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        It's like you read my mind a few years ago! I know (understand) the feelings all too well.


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          amen to this amybabs I wrote something like this also, if I can find it. I will be your fan if you will be mine. LOL. I found it iots titled Insanity I will post shortly