I am someone with so much to vent for.
Is that all our frienship meant or...
Does it scare you that it was so open?
for without an answer I am surely broken.
For days your problems did I engage.
I am such a small speck in time for such endless rage.
You rang me when you wanted to be busy
Is my anger overwhelming, or am I feeling dizzy?
When in public, did I embarass?
Were my actions fueled with malace?
Do you see me as a friend at all?
Did my humour offend? My clothes apall?
In your life was I just a blip on the radar
In the back stabbing of this, am I the traitor?
For I did not say anything.
You read me wrong.
You said forever was far too long
For my presence was had, and now, has been
Like a splattered fly on your windscreen.
I am like a shiver, had and then forgotton
I was once the apple of your eye
But the feelings between us now are surely rotton.
Forget, forgive and on life goes.
For I am the tissue to cry on; and then dispose.
The shoulder to lean on; but to then impose.
The hand to lend, the heart to mend.
The pocket to use but of course misspend.
The stool to stand on, but then condescend.
A stupid metaphor, the same old trend.

But In the end.
No matter how much I depend.
The doom impends and the time expends.
So to stop pretending.
and with the sincere hope of not offending.

To my ex-best friend...