I start off with the man in the mirror
Grab a towel, wipe it off, hope to see things clearer
With hopes to be a grown man, well dressed with the figures
But for the moment, all I'm seeing is a roughed up ni****
This life I live is tough enough...I'm buffing up
These demons all around me cutting up, I buckle up...
Knuckles up for the fight through life. I'm Mayweather, in any weather or season, day, month, year, etc.
You talking weed? I really had a plethora...thinking that I'm joking? Don't make me have to Heath Ledger ya
Another promise broke, swore I would quit this sh*t. Another joint rolled, homie yelling hit this spliff
How can I keep it real with you when I can't trust myself? With worries of having no wealth constantly draining my health
I was born into sin. Baptized to sin again. Lesson of the struggle, peep game and listen in...

Mildred B.