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    Little Miss
    By: Twisted Mikazuki

    There is this amazingly beautiful girl
    Who’s afraid to show her face to the world
    She covers it every day in mascara and lipstick
    Once you saw her eating, yeah, she quit it

    Everyone around her observing eyes only see
    She thinks ‘They're so much prettier than me.’
    She tried her best, a straightener and curling iron
    It’s only a matter of time before there is a siren

    She cries every day in the school’s bathroom
    Hoping that one day she will meet her doom
    She plays life like a game, and she had lost
    She used all her money, but at what cost

    She tried so hard to fit in with the others
    She ignored everyone’s pleas, even her mothers’
    She was digging herself a six foot grave
    She couldn’t take it anymore, not day by day

    She used more make up to cover her eyes
    Which only smeared every time she cried
    She pounded layers of make up on her face
    Trying to feel better, but was still out of place

    Diet pills and water, that was the way it goes
    It was her life to ruin, that’s what she chose
    But she forgot all those one who she left behind
    All ones who cared for her never crossed her mind

    She dug herself deeper and deeper into the ground
    So deep that she could no longer see anyone around
    Her tears filled up her glass to down the last of her pills
    But at the last second backed out, and it only made her ill

    Scared for her life that she was really going to die
    She let out one last blood curdling battle cry
    Those sirens that she knew she would hear one day
    It was then she hoped for once that she would be otay

    Tears pour out of her forgotten mothers cheeks
    Had seeing her daughter coughing up red streaks
    It finally hit her that someone did actually care
    That for once she realized there was someone there

    They loved her, she felt guilty for what she did
    All she did was grieve and all they did was give
    She sat in an all-white room, 24 hour care
    By her side, there was always one person there

    She wiped the makeup from her running eyes
    She hated that she didn’t see it, ‘I can’t die’
    ‘Not now’, it was too early to truthfully know
    So she sighed and out up one last show

    She smiled to all of her family and friends
    Tried to make them all happy in the end
    There was no longer any make up on her face
    The smile was the last everyone ever saw of her dying grace

    If the world could only see how beautiful she was
    Could it have stopped this angel from flying above
    If the world could only see how beautiful she still is
    Maybe none of this would have happened Little Miss

  • #2
    This is so sad... I almost cried my heart out... amazing.


    • #3
      Bittersweet poem, kid. Very well said. No doubt.


      • #4
        A good story that is true to a lot I'm sure. You told it well!


        • #5
          Thank you. It was a challenging emotional piece to write.


          • #6
            Stupid bitch. :,(


            • #7
              so emotional! though sad!

              Best Limos