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    New york, New york
    I walk down the street
    observing dime bags and heroin needles piled up into earths crevices
    they are the devils vices.
    crackheads begging for money
    shaking their cups like a lead singers tamborine.
    strangers leading people into hells basement to purchase knockoff chanel bags and louis vuitton wallets.
    drug dealers posted in the corner, a dispenser full of sins.
    young gang members dawdling on the corner
    they’re all hustlers.
    trying to make a buck by any means.
    and don't listen to your parents they have no clue
    what this grimy bedraggled city does to you.
    One thing will always remains apparent
    this city is my hometown, the swimmer against the current,
    its the stranger knocking at the door. Its like the calm before the storm
    and i'm awaiting the rain to come. All the advertisements scream, calling your name,
    telling you to buy their goods
    But some must turn the blind eye, and not fall into the great
    gamble that they call the game. sounds speaking from sublevels of intricate cities called a subway.
    Dont even get me started on the substandard system that we call the board of education, because I am truly bored of education.
    Corrupting childish characters into abiding by societies stupid standards.
    Seeing the cliches seeping slowly into their brains. A long lost losing battle.
    The whole city has been conquered, the flag has been taken, the king has fallen
    so grab the crown on your own, and beat the system before it beats you back to the black,
    because your parents have no clue
    What the grimy, bedraggled city does to you.

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    Have only been to NY a couple of times, but it is like many too big, too far-gone cities. Nevertheless, I can even see an kindred spirit (of which you write well) in my own small town. Your repeat lines emphasize the special significance of the distance between generations.
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