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  • insistent for the truth

    insistent for the truth, you make me see
    how many little untruths flow from me
    to grief! yet more than grief alone -
    to peace, because i know i’m known.
    mirror-of-me, my grown-up fears and pride
    cut short the infant-brave glance each time.
    be harsh! demanding ‘til the end
    and being thus - my harshest, truest friend.

    but see how truth makes every sound and sight
    so stark! so discomposing by its light
    that even guiltless eyes could not endure
    the nakedness of how things really are.
    think of eden! garden of life
    where God in mercy covered man and wife -
    then, when truth burns bright recall this plea:
    with gentle voice and eyes - so cover me.

    and in that softer light i’ll reach and grasp
    and to my heart, my mind, and spirit clasp
    the substance! not the shadow, not the thought!
    i need - the lavish mercy of a God
    who, good, and knowing all the bad i do
    still gives, through others, all the good and true.
    i’m still as death, because its life to me -
    to know more of the truth - to be more free.

    a strange and scary free! i am not brave.
    i am a stranger with no walls to save
    me from the scoffers - but they’re wrong -
    for truth says sometimes weak is strong.
    i choose for free! i choose for needed grace,
    and i will fall down prostrate on my face
    or lift my hands up to the sky. i’m free
    in truth, no matter if i live or die.