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  • Whisper

    The Whisper

    I need to talk
    just a little bit more,
    before life interrupts
    I will close the door.

    I know that You said
    I must trust in Thee,
    that You are right here
    and that You love me.

    I heard You breathing
    and felt You in my heart.
    As I dropped to my knees
    I knew we’ll not be apart.

    You are always with me,
    and You hold my hand,
    yet I have many things
    I do not understand.

    Is it really wrong
    that I ask you why?
    Is it you or me breathing
    that long heavy sigh?

    I know that someday
    You will reveal it all.
    I ask You please, hold me
    so I do not falter or fall.

    I love you my Lord
    with all of my might,
    and pray I can someday
    see your glorious light.

    For now I’ll sit quietly
    praying that I can hear
    You repeat what You
    whispered in my ear.

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    I like the a,b,c,b rhyme pattern I also use it quiet often. This is very powerful. I love it
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