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Colors of a Soul

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  • Colors of a Soul

    Seeing the colors of a soul never easily done,
    It takes really knowing and trying to understand someone.
    Always digging deeper than the surface.
    Understanding every action comes with purpose.
    Always trying to sympathize.
    Only with love, should you criticize.
    A soul is invisible to your eyes.

    A soul is something you have to feel inside.
    Souls will do their best to hide.
    If ever you're so lucky to have a soul decide,
    And you is where it wishes to confide,
    Don't take it for granted but take pride.
    Something beautiful has chosen you.
    But tread lightly in everything you do.

    Souls are fragile things to tend to.
    Every one of them sees through,
    A different point of view.
    They long to find another soul to connect to.
    They want another soul to see the way they do.

    Souls come in every color you can imagine.
    And desperately they need understanding and compassion.
    They want to know they're not alone.
    They want a soul to understand where they're seeds were sown.
    To find another that sings in the same tone.
    A soul much like they're own.
    To find in another a feeling that feels like home.

    Colors of a soul are always changing.
    By life and love they're always rearranging.
    Searching for something, someone engaging.
    To live a life spiritually sustaining.
    To feel something that requires no feigning.
    Souls need to dance when its raining.
    Souls need to fly with the wind.
    Souls need to live wild and not be condemned.
    Souls are built to transcend.

    Every soul needs another.
    Every soul needs a lover.
    Every soul needs to feel good.
    But above all, every soul needs to be understood.

    Stephanie Glenn
    Visalia Ca
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    This Soul has been touched and recognized by your words.


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      Couldn't ask for more than that bobby


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        Amazingly beautiful poem, kid. Definitely. Me likey...


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          Thank you


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            It fills me with a lot of soul, well me and Huey Lewis.