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I Am, We Are.

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  • I Am, We Are.

    What can I say?
    Besides that the tarot cards were right.
    As an old chapter comes to a close,
    underneath a harvest moon's light.

    Just my brother and I having a conversation in amber lit silence.
    By a kindling fire, we go deep within our collective conscience.

    What it means to have been brought home to this spiritually dense redwood range.
    If we had the option to take it all back, is there anything that we would change?

    This uncertainty, has given way to a firm blue orb.
    A new chapter awaits us at dawn.
    From the east, behind this newly closed door.

    Let us be, astronauts of our own inner galaxy.
    Golden morning sunshine fills the grains of our open palms.

    Let us be light, as we reach for the meaning of life.
    Trying our best to remain centered, while riding this rock around our sun.

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