Understand Now
Experiences Lived
Life untold, Dreams un-whispered
My thoughts ~ Mine
Your thoughts ~ Yours
No words exchanged,
Then I could never know
Or understand you
Your heart nor your actions~
Stand under me?
No, No! Beside me.
Hand-in-hand, together
The only Way for Peace, unity
When us vs them gets laid to rest
And ears to hear remain open
To listen without judgment,
To take in entirety without prejudice;
Simple notions, yet we beat cymbals
And ignore the good in all,
The desire to belong in every heart.
Oh, my Earth, understand now?
I long, yearn to know you~
Every grain of sand
And tall cedar in the forests,
Every sparrow in the sky
And fish of the sea~
Yes every voice, small or loud
Let me listen to your beat
As you draw closer to Mine:
Thump. Thu-Thump Thump.

~ By: A.J. Wagoner
Eustis, Florida