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Happily Ever Never?

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  • Happily Ever Never?

    Watch what you say, you sing and you preach
    Trying to save will just unleash the anti-peace beasts.
    History is a teller of this repetitive novella.
    Consider Lincoln, Gandhi, Martin Luther, and Mandela

    And, we can't forget the Native Americans, Lennon, Kennedy, and Christ
    I'm beginning to think peace is only a heist.
    For Evil it seems will always find and kill Good.
    I want peace too; I hope that's understood.

    The world is ruled by evil, terrible folks
    But, it's also filled with wonderful peace loving blokes.
    Evidently evil is stronger and much more determined.
    Maybe Good will never be able to escape this peace killing burden.

    I'm not such a negative person, or just trying to be clever.
    I'm worried that, "Happily ever after," means, "Happily ever never."
    Or, maybe this is just how at this time it seems.
    And, there is still a possibility of taming these beasts.