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Star Spangled Sadness

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  • Star Spangled Sadness

    As if the words to the grand song, were reenacted again,
    The bombs bursting in air killed over 2000 women and men.
    As the red glare of the rockets shot through the air,
    The kamikazes didn't care that our flag was still there.

    However, that gleam of the first morning's beam,
    Gave no hint, that on our soil bombs would soon stream.
    While the words continue tragically, our tapestry they staved:
    For today, there was a terror of flight and gloom of the grave.

    Although about the War of 1812 our anthem was written,
    For our massacred, Pearl Harbor this is also very fitting.
    To the Japanese, December 7th, 1941, was their D-day.
    But, for these actions, a heavy price they would soon pay.

    If you listen to the words of Sir Francis Scott Key,
    You'll find, history does repeat itself most definitely.
    For this Star Spangled Sadness, I think we can agree.
    That this day shall ever be remembered in U.S. infamy.