E. Pluribus Unum, "Out of many, one."
We need to decide what we want to become.
Either we are all for one and one for all,
Or, under this guise, we will all surely fall.

The problem is not immigration, hate crimes and such
It's merely that we don't agree on very much.
We must decide what constitutes the parts of the whole.
Otherwise, we are just merely people out of control.

Until we decide to put our home and our people first,
To throw angst by the wayside and prejudices to the dirt,
Our peace will not be peaceful and our hope will be less
For this is the only way out of this un-unified mess.

We are supposed to be united, together as one.
But, we know all too well that the opposite has begun.
I pledge allegiance to the people under the flag,
Those who are different and those who look the same.

It matters where our view of happiness lies,
If with life and liberty; then all groups can abide;
We are but one people who can always adjust,
As long as we are united in a state that is, "Us."