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  • Slang


    Wicked is good and sick is great,
    is language that makes you hesitate
    with double meanings that confuse
    depending on how the heck it is used.
    This problem has been around for ages,
    maybe back to the days of age old sages.
    Open your mind, stretch your imagination,
    could it go back to Eve’s temptation?
    The tree of knowledge, sold by a snake,
    gave Adam and Eve a whole new take
    on life and living and right and wrong
    due to misused words of an evil prong.
    Life continues and language is twisted,
    double meanings used for things not listed
    in any ones dictionary or encyclopedia.
    (Oops, that was a lie, alert the media.)
    For crying out loud just keep it clean,
    you know, sick is bad and wicked is mean,
    throw out the slang, don’t hesitate
    so good is good and great is great

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    What a great poem and how sad and true it is!


    • divot
      divot commented
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      We use it long enough it's in the dictionary, but I concur. Lets all speak the kings English, then the only question remaining is who to make king. What a nice original write.