Make a Difference

Why am I here I ask myself,
attempting to reach an upper shelf
of my mind into my very soul
to contemplate and see my life’s goal?
What do You see I ask in my mind.
My reason for living I’m trying to find.
I have been told that You have a plan.
Lord, I’d really like to understand
what it is that You want me to do
before I can happily come to see You.
Yes, You gave me a specific guide
on how to live and I cannot hide
behind my own apathy and disbelief
just waiting for an emotional relief.
Living and dying go hand in hand
tied together with Your golden band.
I continue to help determine how both will be
with the many choices You’ve given to me.
I must make a difference my thoughts repeat.
You’ll take me when Your plan is complete.
So I’ll continue to muddle through,
try my best to do what You want me to
and someday the answer I will see
in Your time and when You take me.