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  • Sin

    Your Deceitful smile lights it wicked way.
    You've come wrapping, tapping at my gates.
    Open up you call to me,
    but in this gate you fail to see,
    fail to see I'm locked away.
    Safe and sound I'll always stay.
    Away from your touch,
    away from your grasp.
    There's no use for shattered glass.
    Shattered hearts follow you around.
    All the glass spit to sound.
    they crowd around all to see,
    to see your pursuit of me.
    I hide,
    because I've died,
    a thousand deaths before.
    closed eyes, loud cries
    with silent praying on the floor.
    God please I'm on my knees
    I can't escape the sin.
    Escape his reach
    Practice to preach,
    but I cant escape the temptation within.
    A sirens call hoping for my silent fall,
    my over all defeat.
    A song sings, my mind stings
    as I look for my window pane
    to see his wicked smile play,
    as he stares up at my face.
    Now I'm falling at the sight
    I crawl away to go and fight.
    Fight the temptation,
    Fight the sin,
    But I already let him in.