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  • Unnamed

    I can hear the storm ravaging the streets outside
    But the real damage is inflicted by the one inside
    It will smash my simple soul around
    It will lash it, it will pound it to the ground
    I'm not worried, cause I know a thing that's true
    All that is destroyed, it reborns as something new
    In a distant world... where this evil takes no form
    Where our broken hearts are forever pure and warm
    In that place..... you shall never see an angel fall.

    But enough of this, we have something else to talk
    Wish you were right here, to invite you for a walk
    With your sillouthe lost and found inside the park
    We can stay or run amok, get surrounded by the dark
    It just doesn't matter if it's day or if it's night
    I will take your hand, with my grip I'll hold it tight
    Pull you next to me while the Moon will cast its light
    I will ruin everything when I'll whisper in your ear
    Something stupid or just something that I fear...
    You will laugh and you will say :
    "Nothing bad can happen in this awesome month of May"
    Now I deeply stare at you... cause I cannot look away
    I have used my power on a game I did not play.
    Going for the finish line, but got lost along the way.
    Is there anything I can do to make you stay ?
    Cause even though I never met you and will never feel your touch
    I am honest when I say "I will miss you so.. so much!"