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  • Understanding, understanding

    I talked myself right into it
    Without ever saying a word
    My mind became enraptured
    Touché, delightfully absurd

    I’d know previous knowledge
    Never heard or thought as much
    A vaunted league of colleagues
    Might find that I was touched

    Yet there it was upon me
    By grace or venial sin
    And I’d have been the devils fool
    If I’d have tried to hold it in

    Enlighten not deceived
    It’s real not make-believe
    Oh prodigy of prodigies
    It’s crystal clear not dreams

    Grasp tightly, firmly, in a grip
    What a simple thought to venture
    Two words back to back
    My servant mind indentured

    Not for the sake of argument
    Or where the chips are landing
    In a world of malcontent
    Understanding, understanding

    Jeff Opperman
    Lexington Ind.
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    That is a deep one. I love the first stanza:

    "I talked myself right into it
    Without ever saying a word
    My mind became enraptured
    Touché, delightfully absurd"

    Great job.


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      Parts are good but a bit of it seemed forced. The first stanza reminds me of something I can't quite place. Good job though.


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        Thanks, the original title to the poem was Eureka. I saw you were having a contest on understand and thought this might fit.


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          I like everything you've posted divot. Just sayin!!!!!


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            I agree with Bobby 👍😉


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              Authors notes: Understanding is laying your guns on the table
              Agreeing to disagree without a knife in your pocket
              Understanding is knowing grieve takes time
              Not an inconvenience that ruins your happy day
              Understanding is knowing were not all born equal
              Yet it doesn’t mean we can’t pretend we are
              Understanding is knowing love doesn’t always work out
              and that your willing to give it another try
              Understanding is life isn’t always fair and can’t be legislated
              God maybe a little busy for that, while were at it
              Understanding is that not all prays are answered
              But there are always heard
              Understanding is a grandparent that spoils you
              They are old and have know discipline
              Understanding is having the intellect to understand