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Understanding day by day

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  • Understanding day by day

    Understanding day by day
    We pretend to be someone we're not to please the people that do not love us.
    We tend to remember things we have forgot to please the people that are above us.
    To understanding you have to know.
    To know you have to understand.
    Use mangled words and riddles to confuse.
    Pick it apart till the problems defused.
    Make a plan to learn.
    Study the hidden twist and turn.
    Is our best friend.
    So the impossible make sense.
    So life isn't so intense.
    Understanding is expanding.
    More and more are demanding.
    It is something that brings joy.
    However it can annoy.
    Misunderstanding can be quit uncanning.
    Like a long lost secret landing.
    Breaks people apart.
    Scrambles the chart.
    Makes unwanted disagreements.
    No closer to achievements.
    Understanding goes both ways.
    We select the plays.
    And with understanding we go day by day.