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  • Understanding Life

    Take A Step Back And Look

    Everything out there you could see,
    everything that you could be,
    yet you choose to be blind,
    you must look past,
    your closed mind.

    You must jump, towards the sky,
    believe gravity is just a lie,
    defy physics,
    and the odds,
    become more than just a slave for Gods.

    You only have one life to live,
    the more you try,
    the more it'll give.
    One life should be enough,
    if you take the risks,
    and blow the bluffs.

    Don't you know why we have dreams?
    So we know what true reality means,
    the boundaries are only made by us,
    its true meaning is up to discuss.

    We only live for a very short time,
    yet all we care about is nickels and dimes.
    Why don't we look beyond the big picture?
    Talk about more then just stricture.

    Look at the ocean for its waves,
    see the reflection and how it behaves,
    what you're seeing,
    is more than your face,
    you're looking at someone,
    who cannot be replaced.

    So, is the question of life "Why?"
    Why do we live just to say goodbye?
    False, we live to make a mark,
    maybe even start a spark,
    in our fire that will never die,
    and may our flames soar,
    and forever fly.

    ~Nicole Vaia
    Ravenna, Ohio