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  • Sour Grapes

    Sour Grapes

    Your face is scrunched, wrinkled and pruned
    Your nose is twitching, too

    You’ve a case of sour grapes, my friend
    I may come down with it soon

    We were going along so smoothly
    The day, the weather so clear

    Our talk turned to your mother
    The one you oh, so feared

    And now the gloom has desended
    The dark cloud over your head

    The path you now have taken
    Is the one we both so dread

    The wrongs, the insults, the damage
    Done years and years ago

    Always to be remembered
    Never to be let go

    Mother stands conjured before you
    Recounted, relived, revived

    Larger than life she lingers
    A ghost of your youthful pride

    Our good day wasted
    Spent wandering the past

    Your case of sour grapes will never heal
    Bitter to the last

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    i love it !!