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  • See Me Through

    Whimsical whims, days of glee,
    All that heart ever desired was to be free
    And then it met a fiend down the road,
    Haughty, tormenting, and ugly all aboard,
    Vows of secrecy, tainted days,
    Pray misery will stay at bay
    Bartering the soul for the taste of love,
    A deal that only a devil can invoke
    Treacherous are those vehement eyes,
    Dissert you somewhere in perilous archives
    Hide you may from the world around,
    What’s left of you can never be found
    You may now shed these ominous desires,
    Never will exile, these curses of fire,
    Blame as you will this demon indeed
    Innocence is what made this soul bleed
    Now tear away this ragged apart,
    Down you go poor confounded heart…