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    I have a spirit full of real estate.
    Any property I let you see is just to lead you to a bigger place.
    An open house awaits, from the misunderstood.
    I'm gonna take my time and lay this out, I think I should.
    A lot of people don't respect the good.
    They see the kindest as the weak, instead of strong, the way they really should.
    Because the pain is an epidemic.
    It's quick to catch, and quick to spread, and never really finished.
    So now, immunities are hatred, lack of trust, lack of loyalty, it's basic.
    Even the people in relationships, they waste it, 'cuz love is imitated and stated for recreation.
    But let me chill and not digress, see I could write for days about the joys that we repress.
    I'm painting pictures of the obvious, just to illustrate exactly how bizarre this is.
    Me, I was born with a kind heart, passive aggressive, really sensitive, and very smart.
    As an adult, these are all flaws.
    'Cuz all it means is that I'm soft, and I avoid brawls, and I talk like I'm white washed.
    If this is all you see in me, then we are quite lost.
    I say we, because I'm still affected.
    You're superficial and judgemental, so I'm not accepted.
    This is not a lesson.
    This is a tragedy.
    We're moving in the wrong direction.
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