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A Journey on Love

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  • A Journey on Love

    When I talk to you, you put my mind at ease
    I've found the one I want to please.
    My feelings for you have gotten stronger
    The days I don't have you seem longer.

    Waking up every morning by your side would be a blessing
    On the contrary, not having you drives me crazy.
    When you call me baby girl
    I feel like the only girl in the world.

    You bring out my corny side
    But that's when you know you're the one I want to call husband some time.
    I know we're supposed to live without regrets but I do regret not meeting you sooner
    Because my love for you would have been purer.
    I don't regret it, on second thought,
    Because asking some to love after being hurt is a lot.

    My mind, body and heart desire you
    Like I never thought I could.
    I'm sure your touch will give me goose bumps
    So excuse me if I jump.
    I love the way you stare
    It makes my body shake in despair.
    From my neck to my ankles
    I'm all yours to angle.
    Don't be deceived by my calm expressions
    I do them for discretion
    But if we were alone, you'd witness a possession.

    Little by little my past seems more fuzzy
    It's as if I was always buzzy.
    I attribute it to the fact that you govern my present
    Always making me want more of your presence.
    With that being said, my future is yours to monopolize
    Just hope my happiness is optimized.
    My future with others was surreal
    But with you, it's all real.

    "If there's no pain, there's no gain,"
    But in love, wouldn't that be insane?
    Love can make people go insane
    But if it's no game then there's a lot to gain.

    My love and words to you are no fiction
    Baby, you're my addiction.
    For you I'm willing to let go of my pride
    Even if it takes quite some time.

    That what did you do to deserve my love?
    Don't ask me but the one above.
    I might be making another mistake
    But for you that's a risk I'm willing to take.
    My only condition is monogamy
    For without it there will be no trust for you in me.

    Love me your way
    Love me my way
    The point is I love you anyway.

    If this Christmas you're no where near
    I will try not to shed a tear
    I will miss you let me be clear
    But having you in my heart gives me cheer.

    This new year marks the beginning of our love
    Having you by my side is something to be proud of.
    So let's make the most of it instead
    And welcome this journey ahead.

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