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  • Skiing

    Super packed

    And on the track.

    Really cold

    But I am bold.

    Children lining as

    The sun is shining.

    Waiting for the lift

    Children are our gift.

    Snow bunnies in a row

    Watching skiers go so slow.

    Look out folk

    Here she goes.

    Oh what fun

    In the sun.

    Older folks show relief

    Hitting bottom without grief.

    See the lady, slipping, sliding

    Doesn't look much like she gliding.

    Uh oh sideways plowing

    Hit the mound, ewwe and owing.

    As she lay in the snow

    Flipping, flopping

    Breath is low

    She wants to go.

    Someone help her

    On her feet!

    Make her feel

    she is complete!

    Times a wasting

    She may freeze.

    Look out folks

    She going to sneeze!

    Super packed

    She's back on track.

    Slipping sliding

    ever gliding.

    40 lines

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    I hope all enjoy reading my little poem. Thanks, Lynda


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      Yes I enjoyed it! A day on the slopes. I started skiing when I was 4 or 5 so I have seen it all. You forgot to mention $20 for a hot chocolate, cookie and slice of pizza.