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Things Learned in the Room With the Lightbulb

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  • Things Learned in the Room With the Lightbulb

    You claim you understand,
    And you may have good intentions.
    But you can read a book many times and
    Still never enter its dimensions.

    “I empathize,” the people say.
    “I feel your agony.”
    But no, not now or any day
    Will you be able to interpret me.

    The emotions you suspect I feel,
    I honestly am not feeling.
    The stereotypes aren’t real,
    And in fact, they’re not appealing.

    Just because you watch the movies
    And listen to the news
    Doesn’t mean that you can force me
    Into your narrow views.

    So what if the majority acts one way?
    Doesn’t mean that I’m like that too.
    Until your judgement has been stowed away,
    I will feel ostracized from you.

    “I comprehend, I know
    What you must be going through.”
    But you’re not me, so no.
    You don’t know anyone but you.

    You claim you understand,
    And I at least thank you for trying.
    But despite your outstretched hand,
    On the inside I am dying.