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The Cold Friendship

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  • The Cold Friendship

    I woke from my school slumber
    I survived all those days
    It's time to leave, I'm on my knees—I really want to go.

    I show my face with no disgrace, as I march right down the isle
    I'm a man born free—as happy as could be
    But what had become of my juveniles?

    I left the school, feeling no fool—I headed to California
    I wanted to visit a friend of mine—
    A friend forgotten in a long period of time

    I knocked on the door, and wiped my feet on the floor
    I straightened up my tie, I looked like one heck of a guy

    The door opened and I stared in demise—for what had become of my pal
    Drunk, uneducated, and not very clean
    The friend I had once known could not be redeemed.

    My heart sank, my tie seemed to unfold, as if our friendship had gone straight cold