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The One Whom was Shunned

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  • The One Whom was Shunned

    There once lived animals,
    Dubbed cattle or swine
    But One didn't care,
    No, Not at the time

    He said what's the difference between red or blue?
    It doesn't matter what color, what matters is you.
    The animals halted and revolted against this one.
    They felt he was tumultuous to their silly little fun.

    The Animal, abandoned, forsaken, and shunned,
    Turned the other cheek and began on his fun.
    He danced and pranced, and enjoyed life as it was.
    For it didn't matter when he fell in the mud.

    He was happy to be,
    And happy to see,
    Gods pretty world

    But the dancing and prancing came to a halt,
    When the other animals got an overdose of salt,
    They hated this rebel, this ass, this swine,
    They forgot he was one of their own, over much time.

    They jabbed him, and made drab of him, but not all could be beat.
    For in this animal's body, a true heart beat.
    Filled with pride—with which he died,
    Not a single animal even cried.

    They wanted him gone, away, and dead,
    So that his controversial words may be unsaid.

    They were happy that way, and he was too.
    That didn't change the sky, it still was blue.
    In heaven or hell, where that animal stay,
    He'd always be happy, he'd never lose his way.