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The Grandiose Lot

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  • The Grandiose Lot

    In the forest of Adam, and the meadow of Eve,
    The buzz kept on buzzin, from the birds and the bees
    The wind kept on swayin' the leaves in the trees
    And adam fell down, prayin' on his knees

    The fire kept burning, the factories kept churning
    Yet abominable man was not learning
    But for all the smoke they exhausted
    Man never realized what was costed

    The frog said croak, and the ass told a joke
    The egg of the chicken had not cracked it's yolk.
    The sun was shining, the horses were dining,
    They were living a life of silver-lining.

    Robust, combust, and filled with lust
    A society of man whom nature could not trust.
    Abused by man because they can,
    Nature was no match for what had already began.

    7 birds cried, sounding like trumpets!
    In this great meadow, they feasted on crumpets.
    The lion ate the seal, and from the mirage four horses congealed
    Man tried to ride them, but found they could not, they were banned from the garden and its grandiose lot.