I crept beneath the trees
In silence, focused on the prey ahead
The dead and absent breeze
Laid out my path; I followed where it led
I settled snug into my stance and raised my bow
An arrow ready, fitted; breathing slow

The creature undisturbed
It ate as if the world was safe and sure
My weapon still was curbed
I had the shot but yet surveyed it more
It had the leaves within its mouth to swallow, though
Instead it carried to its mate, as to bestow

The gift was thus received
I saw the second had an injury
I swear it looked relieved
Unbidden, memories flowed back to me
The moment hit my heart, an undefended blow
I thought back to a kindness long ago

Not two years past I fell
The ground was hard and so unwelcoming
I only became well
Due to another’s care, so seldom seen
She brought me nourishment and took on all my woe
I saw her now ahead, her face aglow

She walked beside her friend
He seemed to strengthen at her presence there
I watched them round a bend
Reflecting on the common bond we share
In peace I set my arrow down and turned to go
I cannot kill the one I've come to know

Gilbert, AZ