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A Call to Arms

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  • A Call to Arms

    Thou art a friend to my red beating heart
    Sweet once was our friendship—why? I not know.
    Now Bitter is our friendship—sour and tart
    Though bad now, what matters is where it goes

    I really do try to be thy close friend,
    Please! reciprocate what I left to share!
    For my emotions are real—not pretend!
    'Twas Beautiful once, a galloping mare...

    I truly know not what happened to you
    But anything I know you can move past,
    Life is a pretty painting—many hues
    So please make the colors forever last!

    But through many days, people change their ways
    Perhaps this phantasm cannot be redeemed
    Life is always changing—an endless maze
    I hope I have not reached end—a seam

    I will leave you now and leave you alone
    I will open arms, choose you to come home.