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The little angle and the old vet

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  • The little angle and the old vet

    As I set in my seat waiting for the service to start
    A young mother sat down in front of me, and it caused me to take heart

    As she held that infant it looked and smiled at me
    A sobering thought came to mind it was clear to see

    The thoughts of honor, duty and country I began to dismiss
    The reason us vets do what we do is because of babies like this

    Her mothers arms held her so gently as they sat there
    This tiny little angle with a pink ribbon in her hair

    My heart had been softened as a tear formed in my eye
    But it quickly was pulled back in, cause soldiers don't cry

    I thought maybe the price we pay is not that high
    These sacrifices I've made, while looking that infant in the eye

    I gazed at this little creature so innocent and pure
    I don't have all the answers but one thing I know for sure

    I don't need thank-you's from people who don't care
    I went through what I did for that little person right there

    It's not about politics or if we will get some respect
    We did it for all those that we must protect

    Though I suffer from PTSD and my life is in disorder
    I now know why at one time I was a soldier

    As the service went on that little angle fell alseep
    Don't worry, men are protecting you and your soul god will keep