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    There was a man...
    Making fun of the way he stands,
    I concocted a plan
    I contorted my hands
    And my legs and my feet
    Dug my toes in the sand
    My fingers crinkled as if, like a map,
    I formed the shape of Uzbekistan
    It elicited laughs
    From every corner and every glance
    It was grand
    I had had grief and now I had claps
    I rolled up my pants
    His disfiguring stance
    In my possession had
    Become a parody, a prance
    A mocking sort of dance
    Stop now? Why would I, I can't
    Possibly give up this feeling I have
    Until there was a man
    Who approached my subject and
    Saluted, pointing at his hat
    Frayed and bent,
    a faded blue baseball cap...

    Alone in my pad
    In my comfortable plaids
    It didn't hit until after the fact.
    Exeunt all giggles and glances,
    Dispersed are my fantastical fans
    I am left with a proverbial slap...

    Now I Understand.

    (c) 2015 Josh Kibbey

    Seattle, WA.
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