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The Darkness

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  • The Darkness

    The Darkness

    The Dark passenger
    Who grabs the reigns
    And takes control of the helm again.
    Who sees all that is good with life
    The family, the children, the siblings, the wife
    And turns it all into an evil strife.
    He inspires battles and wages war,
    Knowing all too well the good it will cause
    To crumble to its knees once more.
    But before he subsides there is one last task:
    To rid his world of the weak
    And plug the constant leak
    Of good into this world
    For it makes him sick
    So he builds a wall
    Brick by brick
    To stop the good from taking control
    Cause then he’d have to pay the toll
    Of the things he’s seen and the things he’s done
    And face the light of a thousand suns
    Destroying the darkness for ever
    But he is much too clever
    For that is one thing that he will never
    Allow to happen and so
    He leaves, not for good
    But goes back into hiding, like all evil should
    So to you, the reader,
    Simply remember, my friend,
    That the Dark passenger shall rise once again

    by Christian Otter