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  • Welcome To The Ballroom

    "Welcome To The Ballroom"

    Enter the room to see
    Swan, doves, and lovers believe
    The night is young and full of stars

    I light a candle for the one who I fell in love with tonight
    Gliding on the luminous facets of her mind

    If only she knew how much she means to me
    Holding her closely, imagining our life to be
    I loose track of time

    Waltz with me
    Open your eyes and you'll see
    Old and youth dancing in bloom
    Beyond the tune

    Hush, my dear
    Give me your hand, no tears
    The midnight breeze
    Will carry us home

    Miraculous intensifies as I watch the fear leave her eyes
    Dashing in the flourishing gardens that is her mind

    Timeless memories and regret, consume me
    She's so classy and alluringly bright
    Yet blue in the seasons of cheery
    For I might loose this time

    Who will waltz with me?
    Open my eyes to relieve
    Time moves on
    Beyond the moon

    Darling hold on to your final breath
    Never speak a word
    Never rise to sin
    Never want to hold to the things that we feel in our veins
    Stripped, cold, and tired
    You gave me your heart
    And I grasped it too late

    Now who will waltz with her?
    Give her the love she deserves
    Time moves on
    Beyond the moon
    Welcome to the ballroom