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  • Noises


    The sounds that pound inside my head
    Blocking out all the things you've said
    Too much to hear, too much to take
    Makes me want to drive a wooden stake
    Into my eyes and into my ears
    So I'd no need longer see or hear
    The problems and details of everyone's life
    The screaming child, the cheating wife
    Leave me out of this circle of "friends"
    It's the same old story over again
    Whether you embellish it or change it, it's all a sham
    Quite frankly, I don't give a damn
    I don't care, it's not funny, nor cute, nor fun
    Because when the day's all finished and done
    The only ones hurt are the ones in the stories
    So I don't care, it's rude and boring
    So pardon me for ignoring
    But I'll take the noises anyday
    Because I can't stand the way
    You lie and bend the truth
    To how you want the story to be
    So leave me alone, can't you see?
    I'm not listening because I don't wanna be

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    by Christian Otter