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    Life of a Guilty Man

    It's complicated
    I'm elevated by not only a chopper
    But by the drugs that I've taken.

    It alleviates the pain
    But heightens anxiety
    Impatiently I stare at the clock
    Like that's part of my life that I wasted.

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention I'm wasted
    Which explains the bucket of vomit
    And the girl that is naked.

    She said, "I want you inside of me,"
    Quietly I enter like a virus
    And wonder why I'm here in the first place
    This what you consider a first date?

    She got a cross around her neck
    Never call her by her Christian name
    Pet ones for all of my soul mates.

    Cocaine crusted eyes
    All I see is fate
    This what your God wanted?

    A gun in my hand as I taunted the devil scratching at my ankles
    I make due with loosing my ability to walk
    Pull the trigger (Click)
    That's how Russian Roulette talks.

    FBI stalking
    Blinds down on the windows
    The bimbos look dead
    Hopefully they playing though.

    Sirius radio playing Jorge Quintero
    Feeling like a conductor, blood spatter on the stereo
    Mary goes, Katie goes, now Carlos a ghost
    Took a bullet between the eyes, glad his daughter's not home.

    I look at certain demise
    As they bust open the door
    I pulled the pin on the grenade
    Now who's in control.

    Forget about the first aid
    Already let go
    Big flash of bright light
    I'm in the past life.

    Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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    U put had instead of hand


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