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Can you understand beyond the universal expand.

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  • Can you understand beyond the universal expand.

    What exactly is understanding?
    is it when we grasp the concepts beyond the universe expanding?

    Or is it when we understand more about the human race,
    and learn to live without leaving a trace.

    Do we are we really understand our core,
    then will we be able to open the door?

    Will our power spiral out of control?
    Destroyed by the will of our very soul?

    I believe not,
    I think we have shot.

    We have at least a hope,
    Maybe we can over come this trope.

    We have to start now,
    there is no other how.

    It’s the only way,
    what else can I say.

    We must stand up and keep walking,
    No matter what comes knocking.

    You must stand tall,
    to never let the world break down your wall.

    If you want to understand the world,
    you must keep you mind unfurled.

    First you must understand yourself,
    you cannot put your own feelings on a shelf.

    Before you can commit to another,
    you must learn to take care for them like a sister or a brother.

    Love can be everything from beautiful to frightful,
    It can be all sorts of wonderful, but only when you are careful.

    Only when you take the time to understand,
    Only then can you truly stand together, hand in hand.