This for 5 deep in a packed Corolla
With 5 packs of Corona
Lost track since I've seen my bro last.

This for the girls who went to school
But still need to let loose
We all dress up cool
Even if the cool weather keeps us cooped inside
Put your coat on and go for a ride.

Who know in a few hours flowers will sit by the respective houses
Fell on her knees, dirty blouses, sobbing, "Lets switch places! Take me out of this world!"
This for your baby girl.

This for the collision of automobiles, bottles smashing out of rhythm
Why you and not me? I'd be the perfect synonym.

This for the fallen to bad decisions, or shitty karma, whatever you wanna call it
I hope you feel it through these words of spoken memories from me to everybody
Now let me speak until I rest in peace.

They said, "Don't feel depressed, it was out of your element,"
I said to them, "I'm not, just stuck in my head a bit with thoughts on how to act
And what to do when it's time to react."
I took a step back.

That last phone call had me stumbling, fighting a losing battle with tears
I fear the future so much more
I mean, all my friends are gone and lost souls now
How do I go about things? Should I converse with ghosts now?

On the news, they act like they were playing chicken
With 2 cars and 4 kids each?!
I clearly dismissed it...

The bars closed and there was snow fallen
Cars both nose diving down a slippery slope
But on which side of the dashed lines?
They both didn't know.

My mom's a shooter and I'm not talking hunting season
And who else does she get it from except that abusive ex-husband, my father, who's always been tweaking
So I'm ok to say they were more than my friends
They were my only family
Tragically taken away from me, not even a 2 weeks notice?
Now remind me where your god is... duly noted.

So lemme take a smoke and sleep on my lonely cobblestone road I like to call home
More like a cell now to hold the memories of all the forgotten souls.

The next day they tell me, "Don't feel depressed, it was out of your element,"
I said, "Say what you want, but the pain is forever evident and will probably increase as time presses"
They tell me, "Calm down, don't be irrational"
I said, "NO! It's my turn to ask the questions.
Have you ever had all your friends die in seconds?
You probably don't fully understand the mess I'm in.

I'm afraid to dream because I see them and they tell me to end it
Like a period at the end of your goddamn meaningless sentences!
I second guess them, but did it anyways and right before the big BANG...

I wake up on my lonely cobblestone road."
Call that the spirits of peer pressure, I suppose.

As I went home I began to come around to the dreams of before
I guess that's what my family's for?
I know the 12 gauge is hidden under the panels of the kitchen floor
Like a kid again, I went to explore.

There it was with one shell, well God I guess this must be fate
Like a soulmate how I kissed the barrel
I saw the horizon of heaven when I closed my eyes and shot that one bullet like Captain Jack Sparrow.

The sky has no limit.
My family I've been missing.
So long unforgiving world.
Understand my new mission.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin