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  • Whisper to Me

    Whisper to Me

    Whisper to me
    Resurrect me with your breath
    Fill my hollow soul
    Warm me in the cold
    In the dark

    Whisper to me
    Teach me to love
    I would walk any distance
    For your understanding
    For your touch

    Whisper to me
    I won’t try to hide
    Show me your tenderness
    Bring me out of this darkness
    With your light

    Whisper to me
    Save me I pray
    A glimpse of your grace
    Wrapped safely in your embrace
    Weaving my life

    Whisper to me
    In an unrelenting world
    I call out your name
    Burning the eternal flame
    Whisper to me of your love.

    By Sherbie Hudgins
    White House, TN