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    Loud applause like a wild, stampeding herd,
    From where fame and praise serve as prizes,
    In the plush theater of the absurd,
    Strut sinister actors in dark disguises.

    Desperate paupers spend as though wealthy,
    Wise Satanists wear Catholic collars,
    Paranoid schizophrenics play healthy;
    Idiots and fools pretend to be scholars;

    Pimps pretend to be politicians,
    Pedophiles pretend to be priests,
    Killers pretend to be physicians,
    All fornicating with corporate beasts;

    Voracious screams roar from false, fickle stands,
    With sex and violence ever paraded;
    They shout and wave, these fictitious fans,
    For roles mad actors have masqueraded.

    Smooth, ambitious puppet plays president,
    And vows to uphold and faithfully serve;
    Another fakes having a noble intent,
    Playing chairman of a federal reserve;

    Vile villains impersonate heroes,
    And fools fake intellect on this stage;
    The bankrupt play rich with only zeros,
    The audience watches scenes from a cage;

    Butchers fake surgeons, whores act like virgins,
    Egotists pretend to have what they lack;
    The weak, pathetic, acting athletic,
    Entertainers pretending to be black!

    Debtors play creditors ripe with raging hate;
    The righteous portray evil, the bad fake good;
    Homosexuals pretend to be straight-
    All on the absurd stage of Hollywood!

    A shackled slave pretends being free,
    While an alley cat poses as a bird;
    Cripples fake running, blind boast they can see!
    All in the theater of the absurd!

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    easy man, can i use this for a song lyric? been looking to collab with different writers in a desire to combine words/music, this sounds like something I'd be willing to put a tune too, if you like. let meknow, could be cool.
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      Have you read STEPPENWOLF by Hermann Hesse? I think you would appreciate that book. Your poem reminded me of that story. Theater of the Absurd has kept me "sane" for a long time -- the concept that something is SO BAD that it is FUNNY. I would laugh at something truly awful and have people go, "That's not funny." "I know," I reply, still laughing my you know what off. I like your poem. I think you would like STEPPENWOLF if you haven't already read it.


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        LOL...WONDERFUL write, leekuk! This is the very definition for 'THEATER OF THE ABSURD'; I enjoyed it very much


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          Who can fill every moment with deep content, he endlessly prolongs his life ...


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            ... The evil of war and the good of peace are so well known to people that since we know people, the best wish has been the greeting "Peace be to you."


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              Meaningful poem! Hope to read more from you, keep it up! Tyent Water Ionizer


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                Absurd it is. It was written amazingly. handyman sioux city


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                  Interesting poem, looking forward to more. Condos for sale in longboat key Florida


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                    This is nice and deep! I can turn this into a song haha
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                      Really Impressive! looking forward to more rhymes!

                      Grant | Concrete foundation