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    One child gets up alone,
    her hunger to postpone;
    Dad's only care is his booze.
    She must get to the bus
    without making a fuss;
    there's no sense gettin' a bruise.
    In other worlds out there,
    kids hide and say a prayer.
    Mom needs all morning to snooze.

    This child grumbles in bed -
    taking short breaks instead
    from rising to throw a spell.
    She picks at the menu
    no matter the venue.
    School is where she catches hell.

    In other worlds out there
    kids scowl and say a prayer,
    "God, everyone's got a Rebelle!"*

    This child shifts to wheelchair
    from his bed to prepare
    for days with many-a-jerk.
    After being spoon-fed,
    a helmet on his head,
    it's school where real trials lurk.

    In other worlds out there,
    kids toil and say a prayer.
    Their sponsors relish hard work.

    This youngster rejoices,
    mom cooks his fave choices,
    pancakes for breakfast, hooray!
    He goes to school filled up,
    and comes home to a pup
    who brightens his sunny day.

    In other worlds out there,
    kids smile and say a prayer.
    Dad helps with homework and play.

    from stanza 2 - a Rebelle is an expensive Christian Dior handbag which allows for a fitting pun, 'everyone's gotta rebel.'
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